What does a LivePlayGo® membership include?

We believe in a world where you can experience more for less. When you become a LivePlayGo member, we’ll help you save up to 50% on your most frequent and favorite lifestyle experiences. You will enjoy instant member-only discounts on local dining, entertainment and attractions, plus big savings at popular travel and hotel sites, premier theme parks and more:

  1. 60,000+ Restaurants & Merchants:
    Save on everything from fast food and casual dining to fine dining and catering. You’ll find local discounts on your favorite snacks and even specialty foods.
  2. 50,000+ Venues & Attractions:
    Instant discounts on entertainment, recreation, and outdoor fun. Members save on ski passes, golf, sporting events, museums, zoos, and tours.
  3. 600,000+ Hotels & Travel Providers:
    Big savings on hotels, car rentals, cruises, airfare, vacation activities for the whole family, and premium theme parks, including Walt Disney World®, Disneyland Resort®, Universal Orlando Resort® and more.
  4. Maximum Savings at Major Brands:
    Your exclusive membership includes access to more than 700K member-only discounts. Members save big on their favorite activities, with many discounts not available to the public.